Sunday, April 26, 2020 - 7:08am

Happy Easter everyone! Passover, Easter and now Ramadan have all been seriously curtailed by the current lockdown - the three most important festivals of three major world religions have needed to adapt and for the most part have done so brilliantly. And one tool which everyone has now discovered is the joy of linking up 'face to face' via video conferencing. Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Houseparty and more are enjoying a popularity inconceivable in January and these modern tech companies must now deal with an ever expanding age range in customers too because even the Baby Boomers are now Zoomers - or users of equivalent online chat or conferencing software. Online living has become a lifeline to many of us. Some sectors of the economy have crashed with terrible loss to the poorest, underpaid workers who have no savings to draw on and who will be made to wait weeks before the social security system pays out a penny. But there is economic boom for some sectors as we turn to the internet, to online shopping and deliveries to the door. Fresh food is in high demand and so is the transportation of essential goods. The media don't seem to want to cover this side of the story I notice...however I noticed with interest that 'Brexit Britain', floundering about in so many ways, has needed to import migrant labour to pick the crops in the fields. Another sign that we remain connected across international boundaries. I hope they are paid a fair day's wage for a fair day's labour - this is another aspect of the aspiration to save life at the heart of the current national lockdown. Our computers and mobile devices help us to keep up these wider trends and many of us are now more proficient with our home technology than we would have thought imaginable just a few short weeks ago. Meanwhile nature has begun to fill some of the void our usual human mindless activities fills with noise and pollution. We are also more aware of the wild creatures around us. This has been the Spring time of bird song par excellence. The gardens and parks have morphed from bare branches into lush foliage. The local primroses, cowslips and fritillaries have been stunning and we have had time to observe them and enjoy them as never before. So two major benefits have already emerged then - enjoy this 'Zooming' and blooming Spring to the full! The Easter greeting "Christ is risen!" is more than just a statement of belief - it also asserts that life is stronger than death and love is stronger than hate. Let's zoom in on that!