This Week and Beyond at St Michael's

The Parish Church is now officially closed during the "Stay home. Save Lives. Support the NHS" Measures:

The Government announced on Monday 23rd March that we must stay at home with only 4 possible exceptions. As part of this our church is now permanently closed for as long as these current measures for social isolation remain in force.

We are proud to support these measures to save lives and support our NHS. Instead of advertised prayer times some material about Saints' days and other key dates in the Church Calendar will be displayed here. There is now a Blog section on this website you might like to browse too. 

APRIL 2020

  • We have a resource for praying for the Departed if you wish to use it. It can be downloaded by clicking here.


MARCH 2020

Sunday 29th  Lent 5: Passiontide begins

  • 10 am Diocesan Live streamed service: go to stream 
Prayer for this week

Christ be with me, Christ within me, 

Christ behind me, Christ before me, 

Christ beside me, Christ to win me, 

Christ to comfort and restore me. 

Christ beneath me, Christ above me, 

Christ in quiet, Christ in danger, 

Christ in hearts of all that love me, 

Christ in mouth of friend and stranger. 

From St Patrick’s Breastplate

We continue to pray at 12 noon each day
  • Daily Prayer is giving us a sense of solidarity as a praying community even though we are physically apart from one another
  • Readings and Psalms for this week: 

    Monday 12 Noon Prayer: Psalm 10 Isaiah 7: verses1-9

    Tuesday 12 Noon Prayer: Psalm 11 Isaiah 7: verses 10-25

    Wednesday 12 Noon Prayer: Psalm 12 Isaiah 8 verses 1-15

    Thursday 12 Noon Prayer: Psalm 13 Isaiah 8: verse 16 to 9 verse 1a

    Friday 12 Noon Prayer: Psalm 14 Isaiah 9: verses 1b - 12

Commemorated this week:
Tuesday 31st 
  • John Donne, 1631 originally from a Catholic family he became a lawyer and a poet before being ordained as a priest in the Church of England. He became Dean of St Paul's Cathedral in London. His reputation as the first of the Metaphysical Poets has gone from strength to strength. Give thanks for poets who stir and heal our spirits today.


    Wednesday 1st APRIL 
    • Frederick Denison Maurice, 1872 began life as a Unitarian. He was naturally scholarly, converted to Anglicanism and was ordained as a priest in the Church of England. He became an academic and a leading thinker in Moral Philosophy. He was a founder of the Christian Socialist Movement and did important work opening up education to women and poor working men. His most famous book The Kingdom of Christ was published in 1838 and went through several editions in his lifetime. Pray for all our thinkers and especially our ethicists and moral philosophers.


    Next Week is Holy Week: 5th to 12th April inclusive
    • A special sequence of resources and devotions will be sent out to those on our pastoral email network. If you would like to be included please use the tab above to contact us