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The regular weekly services


The weekly pattern at St Michael's has undergone some major changes as agreed by our PCC (Parish Church Council) in November 2017:

There will be at least one regular service in St Michael's everyday except Tuesdays and Saturdays - with rare exceptions. There are of course special events and these are advertised on the Calendar and in the Events section of this website. But there is a set pattern of regular worship which underpins the special moments.

The regular pattern for most weeks is given here  (but be sure to double check this with the 'This week at St Michael's' entry on the home page under the 'News' column):


Sundays    The main event of every week is the 10am Eucharist.

      We have seasonal booklets so the main pattern varies depending on

      what time of year it is: eg Advent in winter or  Trinity Season in summer.

      On the 5th Sunday in the month we hold Theo's, our Café Church but  

      whatever the format we always have the Eucharist and receive Communion


Mondays to Fridays     the Vicar says Morning and Evening Prayer daily but we have decided to focus on a single short services each day as follows:

  • Mondays at 12 noon: Prayers for Peace and Justice
  • Wednesdays at 11 am Informal Eucharist + coffee
  • Thursdays at 8 am Said Eucharist 
  • Thursdays at 6 pm A short Service of Light 
  • Fridays at 5.30 pm Half Hour totally Silent Meditation

These short services are held in the Lady Chapel on the north (left hand) side of the main body of the church and everyone is welcome. We will guide any newcomers through what's happening if they are unfamiliar with the service format.


Weekday Eucharists      there are 2 forms of Communion services midweek. Regular fixed ones and Red Letter days which vary:

       The fixed ones are 

  •  the Informal Eucharist on Wednesdays at 11am
  • the Said Eucharist on Thursdays at 08.00 am


Red Letter days: 08.00 am weekdays or 10 am Saturdays

The Red Letter days can be on any day of the week and are the major feast days of the Apostles and other key figures around Jesus. Their names were picked out in red letters in some of the old Prayer Book Calendars. Each major figure has his or her own date in the year.

There are in addition 2 major days which are kept in their own specific way:

      Ash Wednesday:  7.30 pm Liturgy of Ashing and Eucharist

      Ascension Day: 7.30 am celebrated with hymns followed by breakfast


So an average week at St Michael's looks roughly like this:

Sunday 10 am Main Sung Eucharist of the week with music and sermon

Monday 12 noon Prayers for Peace and Justice (10-15 minutes)

Wednesday 11am Informal Eucharist + coffee afterwards (30mins+)

Thursday  8.00 am Said Eucharist (30 mins), 6 pm Service of Light (10-15 mins)

Friday 5.30 pm Silent Meditation and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (30 minutes total silence instead of following any pattern of words)

Other regular events

Other groups also are welcomed in to use our building. This makes our church more fully used each week and restores the idea of the parish church as a community wide resource.

Regular other users of the church are:

The Syrian Orthodox Church of SS Peter and Paul who celebrate a full Liturgy on the first Saturday morning and third Sunday afternoon of each month, at other times during Christmas and Easter and around their Patronal Feast day of 29th June.

The parents and others who are bringing youngsters to the Dance School - which operates in the Pastoral Centre next door during school term times - find warmth and a welcome in the church on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. The Ballet Café runs once a month usually in the first week at these times but check the "This Week at St Michael's" section on this website.

The Asian ecumenical group called 'Life in Christ' use the church weekly on Sundays from 1pm for a short service in Punjabi and English followed by tea and social time. This is open to anyone to join if they wish.

The ELCE Lutherans in Oxford worship from 4pm on the second and fourth Sundays each month and at other times for Christmas and Easter.

6 pm on Wednesdays is a time when activities may be organised for youngsters aged 10 years and upwards. Sometimes it is a drama group but other events are run in this slot from time to time for this age group too.

We warmly encourage you to come into church and see what's going on. You really are very welcome.



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